Thursday, August 31, 2006


so. when i go to run errands i generally take jack with me. if i need to run into a building, jack patiently waits for me outside. he's a very good boy like that.
today I bought some sunflowers down on rosencevalles, then decided it was kind of late so I was going to get Sushi for dinner. I left jack outside with the sunflowers. i mean, who would reach in and steal sunflowers from jack? besides, if they REALLY wanted them...they were $5 down the street. no biggie. so there is my boy, lying on a street in toronto, head resting on the sunflowers. When i see him; his ears automatically go back, he started wagging his tail and infact, was so excited he got up and started to do his wiggle. He does this EVERYTIME i see him. Whether I go into a store for hours, come home from work daily or my arrival after a long period of time, it's always the same happy to see me greeting. On this occassion today, a woman commented on the fabulous greeting i get. I acknowledged how great it was, but never really got present to how great it is to ALWAYS be greeted so happily and jack is always so authentic. It doesn't matter if I just screwed up something huge, that my bank account is in overdraft or if I just won teh lotto, jack is excited to see me.
i was thinking about this even further. lately my quest has been to find a partner. I'll admit, the quest has been signing up for a few online dating sites and hoping that Mr/Mrs right will knock down my door. This is a whole other entry. Anyhow one thing that I need in a partner is a good greeting. someone who is always excited to see me; regardless of what i have to offer at any given time. I should add that to my posting! IMAGINE? you won't care that I have debt, am cranky or have screwed up....for real though. i think it boils down to being accepting, loving my presence and being present to now, not worrying about the past nor the future.

now only if they would comma knockin'.....

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