Thursday, August 10, 2006

my best friend.

it's great to have a friend who has an amazing cottage up in algonquin! i have to admit, i kind of look forward to that time of year every year. There is just something so amazing about getting away from the city and being with only friends and dogs. There is something about cooking food on an open fire, only bathing in a communcal still lake and finding spiders the size of my palm. That something is the getting away. getting away from teh subways, the cars, the concrete. sitting with the loons. watching the water. watching my dog exhausted on the dock, at such peace. his coat is still really shiney from the swims...and clean water. i guess lake ontario just doesn't cut it for him. jack looked so old this weekend next to his two puppy girlfriends! They played so hard and fast and jack would follow slowly. he didn't keep up. and quite often, he layed around exhausted while the other two dogs played and wrestled.

i think the best part of the weekend was at hte end of the night, when we would sit aroudn the fire. there would always be my boy, sitting silently by my side. he doesn't have to tell me he is there, i can just feel him hanging out. he didn't do anything to anyone to let him know he was there. i would go to the washroom, with the silent protector. it was so amazing. i know that he loved it just as much.

my loyal and silent best friend.

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