Thursday, August 10, 2006

lets' get physical

in landmark, my last seminar was on upsets. essentially empowering me to recognize when i am upset, exactly what it is that makes me upset. the idea is that once it's identified, it won't make me upset anymore.
i have to admit. it came at such a great time in my life. I keep getting upset over silly things. and now. i can really see what they are and am starting to get how it's bothering me and why. This in itself is pretty amazing. However, it's gone just one step beyond!! I can now physically feel how i get upset. i have never been present to that raising blood pumping through my body, that anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach or the fact that i can't sit still. Who knew? SO. now. I can feel the upset coming on via my body. I have never been so intune with my bodies reaction to any emotion. I guess this machine I call a body, just tunes it out in order to deal with whatever it is that upsets me.
anyhow. it's pretty neat stuff. i can't get over it.

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