Wednesday, August 09, 2006

city vs. cottage

i never ever imagined myself being one of "those" who went to the cottage and talked about work. sometimes felt as thougth i was "missing" work. and at one point, had a wonderful idea! i didn't get to the point of stressed out over the long weekend. at all. i did relax a lot....the point that was of most interest to me was the drive back.
during the drive back. i could feel my blood pressure and anxiety raise. no jokes. it was intense. I still have this ball of anxiety. tis the season in student life. it was interesting to say the least. i haven't really ever been present to my bodies mechanisms or bodies reaction to anything before. so this was something. i also can't figure out if i am usually this anxious and just immune to it in my everyday life. or if something is making me anxious. hmm...silly body.

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