Monday, July 31, 2006

no comment

sometimes when i see no comments. i feel that no one ever reads these, and then i question if i am really writing for "anyone" or why i write these. it's interesting. so today i decided that it didn't matter. and infact, i have had a few random vistors to my blogs...which make it all that more interesting.
i went swimming in lake ontario today. it was very needed. so hot outside. i was melting. then went in lake ontario and immediately felt better! i have to admit. i was slightly worried about the e-coli or whatever they test for in the water....but i felt like it was slightly justified as i was swimming at a point in etobicoke....a great little excluded area. it was like having our own private beach!! jack is k-o'ed too. he had such a wonderful time swimming and running with his newly made friends.
dogs are so social. they socialize with ALL The other dogs. i mean, jack definatly has his favourite dogs, but common. he says hello to everyone, shakes their hand (doggie terms = smells their bums) and has a wonderful time. we need to be more like that. (by we i mean me) being friendly to everyone. socializing more. and generally just having a great time. *sigh* to be a dog.....but not a dog with two coats of fur and can barely move in the heat of the summer.


Maria said...

I check every now and again ;-)

Kindell & Josh said...

Bjo - I check your blog nearly everyday that I use my computer! I love hearing about you and Jack! Wish we could see eachother more
p.s. We took Maple to the Cascades while we were home and thought of you the whole time! Miss U lots xo