Monday, July 03, 2006


today i visited the worlds third largest and canada's largest, zoo. i have always absolutely loved zoo's. all my life. and then one day. I had this awful social consiciousness surrounding zoo's and their captivity. it wasn't until i read the book, life of pie, that i have been able to step foot back inside a zoo. and to be completely honest, I am not entirely sure if I buy the theory.....or if i have supressed my doubts as to whether the animals are actual loyality and love to be in teh zoo. the theory from life of pie, is the asian culture believes that the animals that are in teh zoo are actually pretty lucky. they have been taking from the wild, where they must hunt to survive and put into the zoo where they are guarenteed food all the's kinda like they are the loyalty of the breed. it was/is an interesting theory. like for example, in the wild, the average cheetah will live for 5 capitivity they live for 20 years. not sure that is enough of a compelling arguement to keep them in captivity all their lives....but it's an interesting fact.

i still love the zoo. i want to go back a few more times. I might go alone the next time. it's hard, cuz i wanted to read all of the posts about different animals. to the 6 year old that attended the zoo with me, well...he thought that i was rather annoying and slow! so next time. i am going to go and read all of the placques! he let me read him a few of them! and i let him guide me to see some snakes! ohh. my! i don't like snakes.

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