Monday, July 03, 2006

it's over

so. it's 8pm on monday evening. and. sad to announce the holidays are over. it was a useful holiday...i did get to do the following things
  • attended pride festivals
  • managed to round up the troops and host a bbq for the first time at our house
  • went shopping
  • travelled home to brantford twice
  • spent some really quality time with the baby sister
  • had a doctors appointment
  • went to the zoo
  • read a book
  • went to high a number of times
  • went to see the blueman group
  • went for drinks with an old highschool friend
  • 75% finished my website

*sigh* like all good things, it must end. i don't really want to go back to work yet. is that bad? Gotta go make the lunch and get ready for work.....

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