Tuesday, May 16, 2006


about 6 months ago jack went to visit one of his furry friends, toby. while he was there, he fell in love with one of toby's toys...and actually ended up stealing it! yes...bringing home toby's "cuz" !! so for a few weeks jack had toby's "cuz" at home....if you haven't guessed yet..these are squeaaaky suckers!! Jack's old "cuz" was perfect because the rubber had worn and it was perfect. when we went to brantford about a month ago, jack forgot his "cuz" at my mom's house. jack was okay, i don't think he really noticed until....
i bought him a new "cuz"!! The new one is LOUD. and Squeaky. The roomate and I can hear Jack outside in teh backyard when he is playing with it. Jack loves his "cuz" ! he takes it to the park with him, on walks, to the backyard, upstairs. Wherever Jack is, you are suer to find "cuz" close by! the first toy that jack would choose over other dogs or people! If you have a canine friend, jack urges you to purchase a "cuz" for them! They will love it!

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Kindell & Josh said...

LOL! Josh refuses to buy a "cuz" for Maple because they are SOOOOO loud! Perhaps when Maple is biggger we'll go on a shopping excursion and Maple can pick out her own "cuz" purple of course! :)