Monday, May 22, 2006

long weekend how i love thee

it's monday of the may long weekend. i had a wonderful weekend thus far. i have started reading again! something that was definately missing from my life, was the printed word. i have started to read "i know this much is true" by wally lamb. it is good so far (only on page 20). friday night i ended up working late, to avoid traffic and so that i could get things done and be relaxed this weekend. so i came home, walked my boy and read. it was nice. saturday i cleaned the house and cleaned the front porch off. it looks good! saturday night i went to melissa's house, we had a bbq in honor of ShannY moving to T-dot. it was awesome to see everyone! we took all the dogs (there were three there) over to humber for a walk. the second i let jack off leash, he was soo excited to be running with his friends, that he wasn't looking where he was going and "WHAM"...he ran into a tree. I bet he was going 40km/h too. he was going so fast! he cried...and not just a was the yelping howl of a cry that my dear huskey has enstilled. I ran so hard and fast to be with my crying boo. he eventually got over it...the next day though, he woke up all stiff and sore. silly boy. i think his legs are faster than his brain sometimes.
sunday was another cleaning day (blushes), I walked jack, brushed jack and did a little in the backyard. I think i am going to plant some herbs next weekend in the garden. I love fresh basil, dill and rosemary. and i love gardening more! i am going to get tomatoe plants as well. those will stay potted though. yesterday i made the roomate dinner too. a wonderful cashew & chicken stir fry. it was very tastey.
and. today. we will take jack for another wonderful walk. maybe to high park. it's supposed to be sunny today. so that will be a nice treat for the boy. after that, i am doing nothing! watching laguna beach (marathon today!) and reading ...getthing ready for the week ahead....that's it!


Kindell & Josh said...

i also have that book on my beside table. i think i've read to page 20 and then moved onto something else - let me know how it is. now that tenting season is back... i will definitely do more reading. his other book, she's come undone, was fascinating if you haven't read that one!

billijo said...

hey kin! i haven't read she's come undone, but have heard fabulous things about that as well! I will keep you posted on the wonders of "all the things I know". I like the style of writing this far!