Saturday, September 12, 2009


It's funny how everyday i read blogs, but only once every 2 weeks do I think to update my blog.

My life is very full at the moment. It's kinda like the jiffy oven-top popcorn. when you see it overflowing and it's almost ready to burst. and almost ready to burst in such a delicious way.

Speaking of delicious. I have lost 10 pounds. 10 healthy pounds. I started working on health on July 18th. And today - September 12th I am down 10 pounds. Not too bad. Somedays I feel like this is the progress of a turtle....but the turtle eventually gets to the destination right? I have been walking a lot in the evenings that I am home, so I feel very bonded to Jack and to my neighbourhood.

The Toronto Clothing Show preperations are coming along quite nicely. I say i need to do every show with a pack of amigos. It certainly makes the lead up a lot LESS stressful. I mean, the Toronto Clothing show itself is pretty daunting to me. As up to now - i have only participated in festivals (and outdoor festivals) so being inside at a large convention hall (or the Better Living Centre at the Exhibition) puts a whole new feel to the game. So its really nice to have a slew of amigos to rely on. The other thing it does, is help us PLAN things better. When I set up my own booth - I often wait on the most important aspect (set and marketing) so it's nice to have it all set up and ready. now. I am working on packaging (so Carmi's post here was great!) and inventory. Resin is oozing from my ying-yang....not too mention i have encapsuled Jack and Jeff's DNA a little too much! I am starting to see little jack and jeff hairs everywhere...that means the studio needs a good vacccuum!

Off to read a bit - -- imagine that? A full and active life and I am reading a FICTION book. Life is grand.

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Maria said...

love this yummy post full of deliciousness ;-)