Sunday, June 14, 2009

Big on Bloor

My blog seems to be last priority these days. With my website in "revamping' mode. I really should focus more on my blog.

I have been spending a tone of time in my studio these days. Big on Bloor is just around the corner, or rather, just a week away!! oi. 

Here are the details
Big on Bloor Festival. Starts at Christie and goes all the way down to Lansdowne. Its a pretty big stretch of Bloor street! My booth will be EAST at DUFFERIN. 

The festival runs from 1pm - 9pm.

At the show I will be 80% resin.  Preparing resin peices is so different than in the past preparing a beaded line. Beading often I could leave things and on a weekend spend hours prepping...however, because resin takes so long to cure, I actually can't spend hours and hours working on things. It's odd. and gives me a bit of uneasiness.  The good thing is that I haven't been leaving displays and packaging until the end (like usual) because I would be so focused on making product. So that's good.

Between my new job, my classes at U of T and this big on bloor festival, it's no wonder I haven't been posting on my blog :) 


nancy said...

when is "big on bloor" happening?
i've never heard of it, do they have a website? i would love to come and see all your wonderful jewelry.

bjo said...

big on bloor is June 20th from 1pm - 9pm.


would love to see you nancy!