Saturday, March 21, 2009

My week

I can't believe how busy my week has been. Infact, I just looked over my dog walker bill, and was shocked! I had to think back to my week to remember just exactly I had done and why I wasn't walking Jack, which brings me to my post.

Monday I had the wicked cold. it's still lingering, but happy to report that its' in its final stages, and will be saying goodbye shortly.

Tuesday, I went to see Dirty Dancing with my Aunt and 2 cousins. We had a girls night, out for dinner, hot-tubbing, dirty dancing kind of night. It was fabulous. The evening. The theatre. I don't know that I can watch the movie anymore. It wont' be as great. 

Wednesday I had mastermind. I have this wonderful group that I meet with monthly to discuss our businesses, where we are stuck and where we are moving forward. I love meeting with them. I always get inspired.

Thursday, I have class.

Friday, I went to L'Oreal Fashion week to see Lucian Matis's new line. I feel so 'toronto in the house' going to see fashion shows. It's never as it's portrayed on sex and the city, however, it is always a hotbed of canadian 'stars'. I sat beside Jeannie becker!

Now, who has time for a business, crafting or Art with all of this going on in her life?  Needless to say, studio time is at a zero hours this week.

This upcoming week I hope to get all my applications in for my summer festivals, so I can start working on them, and make a plan....

happy springtime!

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Leslie Jane Moran said...

So glad you're back. LOVE the new look!