Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My holidays

were fabulous! I ended up spending more time on me and less time on anything else. I didn't really get to the studio much, besides the few times I had projects or committments out there. Other than that I managed to sleep and read. My fave things ever to do. Funny how once I get back to the office, two of the things missing is ....reading and sleeping! huh.

My roomie took this picture of me in my studio while I was creating a metal piece. Unfortunately, it went out the door faster than I could say "cheese" (take a picture). it was very fabulous though.

Please note: the mESS! My studio is still like this! I put off doing the re-org until I can get a carpet. My feet get cold...as you can see in the pic..I am wearing a toque. (i jsut got in from walking jack).


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Billi Jo!

Now THAT'S a TORCH!!! None of this mini butane for you we see.

I'm in fear of your hat being blown off. Take care and happiness for the new year.

Maria said...

Love it! It's a great pic of you creating in your studio!

frances said...

I love the Photo.
Three cheers to your roomie for catching you in creative mode!