Sunday, December 21, 2008

December is just THAT month

I started a new job on December 8th. It has been fabulous learning so much. Which leads to a very busy and full life.

I have completed 2 jewelry shows this month. both were successful. Today (Dec 21) I still have 3 orders to complete for Wednesday. I will for sure post pictures of those.

I had to purchase a new torch because I couldn't find a powerful enough butane torch to get the job done. so now i have a propane torch that I know will work just fine! I bought it yesterday so I hope to get some work done...and then some jewelry done too! busy day. I still haven't finished my holiday shopping and am working until the 24th at noon!!

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irenka said...

So pleased your shows went well. What kind of torch did you buy. I haven't torched anything yet on my own but am hoping I'll get some time soon. Try to have a Merry Christmas.