Saturday, September 06, 2008

day one

day one of the junction arts festival is complete. it's actually the biggest day. i was there from 9am - 10pm today and it felt like a life time followed by it flew by! (if that can make any sense). I met too many people for it to only be 11 hours. I talked to so many poeple. made new friends. Got a few days. Sold some pieces and made new business partners. Yes. In just 11 hours. Then. I think about it and I am like...woooa. It's already over?

I expected more sales. but had more fans than expected. As i had thought, my market is early teens. THey LOVED the stuff...and often asked mom to pay for it. Often mom said no. haha. a few moms said yes. I also got a lot more comments than usual, of people liking my stuff. Perhaps it just wasnt' for them. I wish I could do a brief exit interview.

"okay, why do you 'love' my stuff and then just walk away'? "what would make you purchase this product"? etc. etc.

In the meantime, I have discovered that I am an artist :) Off to bed for a nap :)

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