Friday, August 01, 2008

thank you 'g'

I can't believe its the long weekend. An extra day is like a little bit of freshness sent my way.

This weekend I am house sitting. Its funny to leave jack and jeff to take care of a friends pet. but jack and jeff still have melissa and toby. woa. full house! Its amazing. House sitting is similar to going to someones cottage (well more so if the house you are house sitting sits on water). This house does not. What makes it similar, is the not having a to do list here. I don't have anything i have to do (minus feed/pet kitty). but that's it. Tonight I had a jacuzzi. I used WAY too much bubbles. It was kinda like i was on a movie. There is still a tone of suds in the tub!!

What a fabulous treat. Glass of wine. Jacuzzi tub. movies. and a $5.00 pizza. it's called perfect way to start the long weekend.

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