Thursday, August 14, 2008


Tonight I purchased a new colour laser printer!

I have needed a new printer for about 2 months now. I have done everything from taken a second had HP inkjet to trying to fix an old injet/scanner combo in the last two months. I need a new printer to get ready for my show. Just think of how great I can now make some layouts and designs for resin!! words. combos. limitless really. So i went out to purchase another inkjet printer. Just a hundred dollars or so. I had $150 that I could spend (I had it in my mind that I would get a printer and an extra colour cartridge becauseI have a lot of printing to do). Then....I found it. The 'worlds smallest colour laser printer'. sitting there. all shiney and solo. A price tag of $179.99. Toner is $70 each (for 2,500 sheets of paper). So I thought. it's worth it. (well, after calling and texting a few who would know better).

I went up to the cash...and they rang it up as $149! i thought to myself....woaaa. the Universe really is providing for me in my budget. What are the chances ? only one left! under the price it was marked on the shelf (and stickered) for!

All in all. I am a happy camper. the quality is superb. I can't wait to start making my earring holders (healing line) and some resin treasurs with the new laser this weekend......

Yay for great deals! next.....i need to find a dress for a wedding!

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