Sunday, August 03, 2008

i have a dream....

I dreamt about a new necklace design last night! I haven't dreamt about a new design in awhile! So I whipped out all of my 'instructional books' and quickly looked up the type and how to do it. (I have never even thought of doing this design/stitch before) It's a tubular peyote stitch. interesting that I dreamt up a stitch that i haven't used before.

Anyhow. I dug out all of my beading supplies and the book to teach myself how to do this necklace. It's not a straight tubular peyote stitch. naw. that would be toooo easy ;) It has a few layers. I will start this design today.

I went to go to michaels in mississauga today to pick up resin. yup. I got lost. I forgot the map here. then was completely lost. then couldn't even remember what the name of the street it was on. SO i headed home. wasted hour. wasted gas. ugh. i was so friggin annoyed that i didn't have the map. I was too excited to head out!!

off to run some errands. Thank goodness i had the long weekend to putter around. SO much seems to be getting done that I won't even feel bad when tomorrow is spent on me :)

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