Monday, July 14, 2008

travelin' gal

One of the perks of working in a national office is travelling nationally.

Sometimes this is a perk, sometimes this feels like a chore. I used to make it more of a chore. I would look at like, I would be out of the office, meaning it's a hassel. It's usually expensive. I spend more money when I am not at home. I am away from Jack and Jeff. WAIT A MINUTE. back that thang up......

I can't believe I have ever looked at travelling as a chore. Sure sure. it's takes me away from the office. but trust me. sometimes this is a good thing. and expensive? or course it is....where else am I going to purchase that PEI fresh bath salts or those Nova Scotia mussels? Common. I'm definately worth that. And jack and jeff? well. absense only makes the heart grow fonder.

I dig traveling. Tomorrow I have an in and out in Thunder Bay for the day. I haven't been to Thunder Bay for three years. 3. years since i left tbay to pursue toronto. Odd pursuit really. but one that has bode well.

I will be in Thunder Bay until Wednesday. Ciao. I am off to marvel this vast country of ours.

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Maria said...

Oh I'll miss you muffin! We'll have to go out for lunch on Wednesday to catch up! Until then, giddy up!