Thursday, July 03, 2008


i recently posted about my sighting of snakes in the city. Well. Apparently I need to clarify. I have not seen snakes slithering aimlessly amongst the streets of toronto. I mean, that might be biblical, epic or one may even say delusional. what i am attesting to here, is the fact that i have seen a number of people walking around with their pet snakes. Their pet boa constrictors, king cobras, etc. At street festivals in toronto, having a pet snake seems to be almost as prevelant as having a large dog! On each occasion I have seen not just one snake, I would say, I have seen on average 3 or 4. now. to someone who is extremely afraid of snakes. that is a lot to deal with at festivals.

Last night even, I was walking Jack down Bloor street. I was doing some 'window shopping' and you will never guess what was in a window (now, it was in a cage maria, it wasn't just sunning itself cageless in toronto. I mean, I really think I would panic in that situation :P) but I saw another snake!! in a window. I looked up immediately to see if the sign was for a pet store or something. The store, if you can imagine was a PON-SHop! imagine. I wonder how much someone sold their pet snake for. unbelievable.

Now. some say that snake sightings is indicative of healing. either healing others or yourself. if this is true. i am a healer. hear me roar. or i guess i shoud say hear me hissssssssss..........

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Maria said...

I love the image. Nice!!! Thanks for the clarification. I was going to get some old testament quotes out for you if had seen snakes 'sunning themselves' in the streets of TO. Actually, I believe locust sitings are next ;-)