Wednesday, July 23, 2008

day off

i came home from work today and decided i would take a day off from working in the studio. I thought...everyone needs a day off of everything. so i started plugging around the house...and guess where i ended up. it was completely unintentional. next thing I know it. i have a paint brush in hand and am sealing a new paper i found! The reason i went to my studio was because i had some candy down there! hilarious eh. I am doing some candy jewelry, with nerds, licorice and other colourful candies. It will be neat. but. the nerds are no longer. they seemed to calling me. next time I will have to purchase 2 boxes.

One thing I am finding with resin, is that it doesn't take a LONG time....rather, it takes a LONG time in drying. so the creating and pouring is small, in the actual drying. and some pieces has multiple layers. so one day....can be a lot of drying time. oddly enough though, I didn't pour any resin. I just sealed some more paper. i am finding that I am not sealing the embedded paper as well as I should be. ....the resin will leak through a bit and cause a stain in the corners. So i want to be sure these ones are sealed really well.

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