Friday, July 18, 2008

carrie bradshaw

today i felt like carrie bradshaw when I simply needed to stop at the eatons mall on the way home. As a matter of fact I hope you are hearing the sex and the city theme song right now. I am imaging my blog entry to have the theme music. maybe that will be the next can have theme music attached to each posting.
i digress. the posting really wants to reflect retail therapy. and simply the magic that buying yourself something really great can produce. tonight (an exhausted bjo) decided that i needed to stop at the mall before heading home. like. exhausted might even be an understatement. but i knew that stopping by and purchasing something nice for myself would be exactly what i needed. i gave myself a budget ($50) that I was allowed to spend in any way i wanted. without making myself feel bad.
I spent my whole budget in LUSH. (minus the small bag of kernels cheesey dill pickle popcorn). i stayed exactly within budget and am going to feel so great soaking in my tub with one of the magnificant bath balms i purchased or feel great at the new mud mask.
tonight i am soaking. eating popcorn. and watching lost. sounds divine doesnt'? wait wait..jack and jeff will be with me. now!! divine :)

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