Saturday, June 14, 2008

there are more of you then i thought

bless google analytics. You can track everything on blogs or other social networking applications (myspace, etc). I downloaded google analytics awhile ago and haven't really checked back .Today, I thought, I wonder who reads my blog. should i even go and update. So i went to my google analytics with the stats. and was slightly impressed. then i became worried.

I have at least 10 readers a day, sometimes as much as 40 in a day. WHAA? I didn't realize there were many of you. then. the worry came when I was thinking about the things i post! hilarious.

today i set up the kitchen into a miny resin pouring area. the living. converted into bead central. it's brilliant. I also spent some time loving and being in toronto. I went out for breakfast at the local breakfast spot in my community "yasi's place'. then I went to a jewish baby naming ceremony. It was gorgeous. I am not jewish but would love to host such a welcoming ceremony for my children one day. I topped my night off with a Toronto Soccer game. Woa.....people are crazy for soccer. It was a fabulous day. Very full. and i am loving every moment of it.

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