Wednesday, June 04, 2008

hunkering down in my homeland.

I can't believe it's already June. May passed by for me. and looking back it was probably one of the most transformative months i have had in my lifetime. I have busted new territory every day and I continue to move forward with incredible velocity and style. I can't wait to see what June has in store for me.

The next couple of days will be spent in brantford with my mom. She is going in for surgery tomorrow. So I have taken a few days off work to hunker down with her in the hospital. I am building my stock of trashy tabloid magazines and will bring some beading projects to the hospital with me. She loves when I tell her about 'stars and mostly gossip'...since I don't have any real gossip....i will look to the stars. Its funny when I tell my mom about the stars gossip tho, cuz she NEVER knows who anyone I usually have to explain that too! It tests my movie/tv trivia!!

Its always incredible to see my family come together for others when needed. Me and my sisters are doing 'mom shifts'. I am with mom while she's in the hospital (well, we will all be there tomorrow with her) but friday, saturday and sunday are all mine. Sunday I will take my mom home from the hospital and bring her home. On Sunday, we are all kinda on duty, my sisters are getting groceries and setting mom up at home for the week. My amazing sisters will then be rotating days with mom. While Jerry (her partner) works during the day. Jerry is on mom duty for the nights. The following week, my brother is coming home from Alberta. That was a bit of mixed kettle of fish, as my mom can not sit still around my brother. So with the guise of all of her daughters, mom will have to learn to let my brother take care of her. It will be a new feat for her, but something i just know she will adore.

Through this I can see what traits I have inherited from mom for sure. She has everyone and everything organized; starting with lists of items she has for the hospital, followed by a grocery list of food that she wants on Sunday, followed of course by her book list, her 'things that can't be forgotten list (which includes feeding the cat', to emergency contact numbers. I can't imagine that I would ever know to get all of those things ready...then I think about it and I absolutely would do all of those lists!! I am sure Jack would even get his own seperate list. So this. is for sure a trait that I adopted happily from my mother. The other trait that isn't as happily recieved is the 'strong independant' trait (which could also be contributed to the list trait) but my mom almost refuses help. It is taking her a lot to even let us do what we are doing now. I just KNOW after her surgery I am going to have to tie her down. It is taking a lot of her 'pride' to know that she is out of commission for a bit and must rely so heavily on others.

I will post on my mothers recovery. I am sure there will be other memorable postings from my sisters and I. When the three of us are together, it becomes nothing but jokes. It's like we head back to our teenage years and have that wicked sense of confidence and direction. We all bring out this 'other' side of each other. Which is usually playful and fun! So I simply can't wait to spend some time with them. My mom doesn't know, but on Friday night after visiting hours (She should be out of recovery by then) we are heading back to her house for a wicked 'Rock band' party and drinks!! It will be a wonderful way to relax, un-wind and 'tear it up'. I'll try to remember to take pictures!

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