Monday, June 30, 2008


i have been attending a lot of street festivals lately. whether as an artisan or as a participant, i have been going to a number. and oddly enough, with the frequent visits to street festivals, there has been quite a number of SNAKE sightings. I am not too sure how the 2 corelate, but they do. more street festivals. equals more snake sightings. can you imagine? yesterday alone, I saw 2 snakes (or it could be the same one twice) regardless. I see it. freeze. run away screaming my head off. I can't even help it. then. I become obsessed with snakes. I talk about them. look around like the mafia has me marked. I can't help it. I'm scared. and obsessively scared.
not only did i get to see 2 snakes yesterday, but i walked jack through little korea. now. jack isn't your 'average' toronto dog. he's a thunder bay/farm bred dog. he is good for outdoors. even at high park, where there are a lot of dogs. Jack is a very rare breed. (and his size makes him a rather oddity too). So in Little Korea. people had the exact same reaction to Jack as I had to snakes!! i couldn't believe. I felt awful. I walked jack as quickly through little korea as possible. but people would look surprised/shocked and walk away quickly. the exact same thing when i saw a ginourmous boa constricter.
then i wonder if it's a culture thing. that i am so magificently afraid of snakes while the next person is so afraid of jack.

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