Saturday, May 31, 2008

i'm baaack

after a few days out east in Halifax, then a few days relaxing in Charlottetown PEI, I am back in my abode.

Halifax was great. A little chilly. and work. I had two days of work-de-work. It was really great. I had an awesome time....I also got the pleasure of going to the 5 fisherman. Oohh that restaurant was a little great. They had a salad bar AND a mussel bar!! can you say yum? I tasted fiddle-heads. After the adventures in Halifax, I traveled by car to PEI. We stopped in New Brunswick for dinner at a local seafood restuarant. It was pretty good. There, i tried Clams. Woah. I really busted outside of my everyday.

I went to PEI, for the first time in my life, I was travelling to a place for me. I only had to do one talk at Holland College at 1pm on the first day there, then the rest of the time was mine. I went into shops, talked to 'locals', wined and dined. PEI was hosting their wine festival. So I had a wonderful opportunity to go to their opening gala dinner. with big wigs of PEI. It was pretty amazing. and ironic! I met people who I have heard about through work. I was really meant to be there at that time. I truely believe that. Charlottetown really is a great little city. They were by far the nicest people I have ever met! Let me tell you this one small story of my trip and you will understand just how nice everyone is there!

I arrive at the airport at 530 on Friday. I need to be in the gate for 545 for a departing flight at 645. Although, I know i wn't be arriving to the airport in toronto until 9pm so I gulp down some food. And hence, I'm late for the 545 check through security. Now. I need to tell you. In PEI, you check in with the West Jet Counter then take your luggage to be checked in (you stand while they scan it) then you go through security (it's an extra step than most). So I did the first two steps, and am now going through security. HOwever, OOPs. I went to the PEI peserve company today and picked up a whole wack of jams and sauces...THEY ARE LIQUIDS. Oh crap. They can't let it on because it exceeds the 100mL rule. So I graciously give 4 bottles of jams to the security guard. he then looks at me and says 'run to the west jet counter and see if they still have your bag out to check it' I grab my jams and run to the 'baggage check' area....oops. Wrong place. they guide me next door to the west jet counter. I tell west jet what's up. and by this point. I know how very late i am for boarding. So I say to the woman..."don't worry, just take these bottles of jam and have a really great day'....No no no..there will be none of that. She runs to the back room and finds an empty box. She ripes of all the labels and helps me to pack up my jams. We label it and I run to the 'baggage check' to check my other piece of lugguage (a box of jams). When I get there, they all know about my quest for jams. The person scanning the items claims "the jams cleared security'...we all do the arms pumped 'YAY!" while I scoot out to hit up security once more. I run through and they guide me through quickly. The original guy that I offered the Jam too was soo excited to see that I got the jams checked and ready. I am the last person to board the jet. Jam securely on its way to Toronto. I contently think to myself. wow. that better be some good jam!! and what really nice people live in Charlottetown!

I arrived back into toronto last night to a really happy dog and cat. Jack had spent his nights up and pacing downstairs on the mainfloor. He even kept up the roommate by giving the occassional barking fit. The roommate is not sure what to think of Jack's undying love for his mom. Sure it's cute. but it's something else to handle! So my baby is happy that I am home. I am just not sure when i will break the news to him that I am heading out again in a few days. oops.

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