Saturday, April 19, 2008

lullibies for little criminals

i finally finished 'wicked' for my book club. the book club meeting was on tuesday, and i just finished it yesterday. I had 10 pages left. no jokes. i think i was trying to hold off actually finishing it as i knew that elphaba would no longer have a place with me. in my opinion a good book allows me to think and feel for the character OUTSIDE of the book. when I am just thinking, i think about them, as though i would my best friend or collaugues. Wicked was a book that did that for me.

I could have picked up the book 'the colour purple' ...which is our new book club choice. however, i have to go pick it up. so it wasn't here. so last night i got to choose which book i was going to start. I chose 'Lullibies for Little Criminals"
I can't even put it down. it's sitting beside my computer and I am just DYING knowing that there are parts that I don't know about. I do need to admit, i have a rather odd taste of curiousity. I love to learn about polygamy and other lifes that are foriegn to my own. For this reason, I love the book. It's a book about a 12 year old girl who has grown up with a father only. the catch. he is a heroine addict. i love the book as it tells the story as it was. the author doesn't tell it in a superior or assessing way. it's brilliant. The little girl, I know, won't stay little for long. Right now she is being torn between life as a 'child' and life a young woman. which I think you can imagine, would be quiet different than our rights of passage. As a girl of the streets, she is faced with many situations that most of us can only read or imagine possible. So baby (her name) is in my thoughts consitantly.......Oooh what a time to get devoured in a book. Today I puttered around the backyard 'pretending to do work'. well. i didn't really pretend. I did manage to get the grass cut and lay some grass seed. I picked up two bags of twigs. and the rest of my day was spent reading.! how perfect. I am off to read, and then I am going to see the ruins tonight.

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