Friday, April 04, 2008


I announced in the office that I de-activated my facebook account. which was followed by dramatic gasps and inquiries to my well being.

"i am fine. I am fine". I assured. I mean. For those that know me.I LOVE technology and social networking. i am usually the first to sign up for funky new websites, programs or software.

facebook and what it's not. When i was first introduced to facebook, i would quickly write and respond to people who added me as their friends. I would catch up, talk about my business while listening to new family or wedding stories. It was amazing for communication and updating on where my highschool/university and even some cases elementary school friends were. In the past month, i would say facebook for me, became a tool of passively see what people were doing. now. I am going to state this; that is what facebook is about. however. not what i wanted to fall into. If I am not utilizing, communicating and being active. why am i creeping? so i de-activated for the simple fact that I am not active in the facebook world anymore. I have better things to do with my time than to see that a highschool friend has recently updated her status to 'in a relationship" or to look at posted pictures of someone who i would never otherwise hang out with again. it was getting exhausting and taking a lot to see what was happening with the 500 people on my list.

I am sure i will be back. I just need a break away. some time to work on the things i really love. to play in the park or have an extra productive day.

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Maria said...

You forgot to mention the weekly ask (by moi) for you to check if 'so and so' was on facebook. Here's to building on friendships the ol' fashion way!