Thursday, January 03, 2008


it's funny how long it takes me to unwind when i am on holidays.
The first few days usually consists of me making myself wrong or being extremely busy 'catching up'. like cleaning or taking care of household errands. then. the middle of my 'rest' will consist of a project....craft, art, house, family...usually somethign to 'show' for my time off. then...the last of my holidays is spent in the 'why didn't i rest more or why did i make myself so wrong' mode. It's funny. I am ending the 'holiday' stretch right now. Its probably been the longest i have been away from the office since I started 3 years ago. I feel good. I am ready to go back and have been re-inspired...which is always great.
Now. I have 4 more days away from the office. Today I have given myself to do whatever I want. I would like to sleep...but my body is apparently rejecting sleep from me. perhaps because I am so rested and body doesn't need that much sleep? it's a theory anyways.

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