Sunday, December 30, 2007


a day at ikea and i came home with a light! can you believe it. only 1 thing that we NEEDED. what is happening here?! I think what usually happens is that I get sucked into the 'i need to organize and this will really help me' routine. so. needless to say. i didn't pick up anything!
i went to the salvation army after ikea and there picked up some old sheets/aprons to use the fabric for some necklaces. I can't wait. it will be tres cool.
I went to get my gym membership yesterday. i have to wait to use the gym until wednesday though...pOoh. I have to go through an hour fitness evaluation. that's like going to the doctors...the fitness assesser will tell me how overweight I am. how unflexible and out of shape I am. then we move forward from there. ugh. so not looking forward to that assessment....the goal setting will be fun though.
my boyz have been SOOOO great lately. I have brushed them a lot with the new furminator and they have been so great. laying on my belly while I read the last harry potter book. or jack snuggling up to keep my feet warm. He randomly comes over to me to give me a kiss. I couldn't ask for cuter companions. They are perfect.
Today I will spend a bit of time in the basement setting up the studio. It will be great once I can get it all reorganized. The Christmas holidays, meant a lot of people digging up things in the basement and temporarily storing things while the tree was up. So now it will take a bit of time to re-organize that stuff. Then I will simply bring the stuff downstairs for the studio....set up will come later! The upstairs is already looking pretty clutter free now as I have taken probably half of my stuff downstairs. I also want to set up my sewing machine so I can make some handbags from my old Jeans......Ooh being so crafty puts demands on. ;)

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