Thursday, December 13, 2007

getting ready

my show is one day away....ONE DAY. holy cow.
i slept in this morning. more that my body wouldn't let me budge. I tried. and tried. for about an hour.....and now. I am simply sleep walking around the house. I need to grab some coffeee and go!
Today will be a day of loose ends. I have the day to pack, clean, sort, price. I will make an inventory list. I will bring my 'to-do' list. I have a clients house to clean....which will be a nice break because I can complete some errands while i am out. I will be back for 2pm. where I will finish everything on the list.
I won't be leaving toronto until the morning. It was cheaper that way. and much easier. as I still have a million things to do. it gives me ONE more night to bead my face off. one more night....
I will post tomorrow night on the proceedings of the day!!

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