Friday, November 16, 2007

my own worst enemy

today is my first day that i have let myself been 'employed' by myself.
I have gone part time to my other job, to focus on my business. And today is the first day that I have slated in the 'studio'. Its definately going to prove a challenge to work from home. As i can already see the bathroom needs a good scrubbing...and what about Jack? he definatley needs a good walk this morning. I am already blurring the lines between home-work and bjodesigns-work. It's all good. as long as it all get done.
I have been a work horse in the administration aspect of my job lately!! I have been updating websites, advertising on websites (estsy and indiecollective) and taking care of logistics for my two shows. it's been busy.
Today I will dedicate my morning to getting flyers and ads complete and then spend the afternoon doing what I love best...creating!! I will do earrings today. I love when I do earrings because it makes the time FLY by.....

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