Monday, November 05, 2007


i went to a craft sale called wintergreens in regina this weekend. it really moved and inspired me into action.

i came home from the festival recieving two notices, that i have been put on waiting lists for the two craft sales I had tried to get into this year!! unfortunately, that puts a small damper on my reach! i plan on doing a lot of research tonight into other sales that I can jump into last minute.

today i have the day off. and i have been puttering around the house. i am committed to posting lots more items on etsy tonight (lets say 10 to give it a number) and sending out an email to my faithful customers to remind them that i am here and i am having a holiday open house for bjo designs. I will be releasing my new line "ooo la la". i can't wait. I am also taking orders, i currently have 18 orders!! How fabulous is that?!

I will try to post some new creations tonight. as i need to start creating (the back end of a business sometimes takes over the creative part...or at least, i am noticing).

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