Thursday, November 29, 2007

good morning

i awoke this morning, with a headache and thought. I could go back to bed. It's right there. it's grey and rainy november day. lets go back to bed. jack and jeff are both cuddling and i really wanted to just lay in bed. so i pulled myself out of bed, made some delicious coffee plunked myself down on the coach and had this conversation in my head

'well. i do have the morning 'free'. maybe i'll clean the bathrooms. they need to be cleaned. oh no wait. i'll make a ginourmous wait. i'll take jack on an elaborate dog walk, he needs one....then...the grand puba of voices said' billijo you are avoiding the very thing that's weighing you down"...Ohhh thanks grand puba of my voices.

I sat down and plugged away this morning....last night i finished 2 pieces (well 1.5 as i didn't complete the one from Monday) and then this some kind of force to reckon with.....viola....4!!! I also must mention. its 12noon. I made my quota for the last 2 days now!!

so I will finish up some web meeting stuff. Go clean a clients house. Meet with a client about a website. then. will be home for 7pm and have more time to do nothing (if I wish) or move forward and bead to get ahead. It feels great. I am glad i listened to the grand puba this morning.....

Also. the pieces i finished are themed with the Christmas Ikea theme!! If you have been in Ikea in the last month, you can picture it! Greens and Purples!!

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