Friday, November 09, 2007

goal setting

goal setting.
we have a love/hate relationship.
we really do.

i get motivated by setting goals. but by re-evaluating and following. i often get disheartened.

This weekend is a weekend of goal setting and playing! i can't wait.

I will spend Friday night playing with molds and creating new pendants for my new 'ooo la la' line. (while watching sex and the city and having a marathon)!! Yippeeee

saturday will be spent with hundreds of other bead lovers attending the Annual toronto Bead Society fair. It should be a great time to get inspired and see what's new for the holidays. I will also spend some time picking out new product! often there is a number of unique beads to pick up.

Sunday will be the international day of PURGING. our house (and my bead stash) is jammed packed with stuff! I had every intention of moving my studio down in the newly cleaned basement for my busy season....but have since decided that will be a january project. It is taking too much time away from what I really want to be doing. So....with that means, that I need to purge some of the stuff that is making our space upstairs cluttered (meaning my bead stash). So i will store my beads and stuff down there....and have a small working table upstairs. It will work out quite nicely for us.

I will share the goals on Saturday with you (makes me more accountable)

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