Friday, October 19, 2007


my time that i spend alone is very precious. i often spend that time alone cleaning the house, gardening, walking the dog, beading, updating the website (which is back online btw...i will explain later), beading, reading or reorganizing. this is quite often what i do alone.

rarely will you see me dive onto the couch and not move for an entire evening. usually i spend my 'downtime' with roomate or friends. and downtime to me is 'watching tv, a movie, or just hanging out'...which i apparently like to combine with social time with friends.

last night was a rare occassion for sure. I sat on the couch...all night. i knitted while i did it (I guess i do need to feed that keeping busy mantra)....but i skipped out on every plan to hang out with myself. Of course, jack was nearby keeping my feet company and knitting and microwave popcorn kept the hands busy (not at the same time...not to worry, the baby blanket won't be smeared with fake butter).

The night was perfect. Looking back on what i didn't accomplish (picking up a book from chapters, moving the last boxes from the basement, and setting up the sewing machine) i am smug to know that while i didn't make my list shorter, I feel really great. I needed that time to be with with myself as I call it.

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