Sunday, September 09, 2007

book club

once a month i get together with a book club where we discuss a book that was chosen to read.

last month, we read a fiction love story The Time Travelors Wife. This book was my choice (we all get to pick 1 book for the next 6 months). I picked it because a good friend recommended it and it was a love story!! i do love a good romance.

A big topic of discussion from the book club was about falling/learning to love someone. I can't stop thinking about it. I would say that half of the members couldn't fathom 'learning' to love, while others totally got it. I was in the middle. I can see learning to love someone. but i always had this fairy tale view that once you find your love, it will be love from the beginning. YOu will just know. you will meet them and automatically be wowed. I always thought that if it's there, it's there, if it's not, it's not......

Until. this week.

I went to a meditation earlier in the week where the leader suggested that love is such a priviledge and imagine a world where everyone just loved. you loved your neighbour and co-workers just as much as you loved your family and life-partner. imagine. so it's got me thinking. maybe you can learn to love. or just experience love......maybe my fairy tale view of love at first site is just that....a fairy tale.....

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