Friday, August 03, 2007

one's a lonely number

well. it's hear
the long weekend.
that I didn't stress about (nor really had time to stress about).
and here i am.
it's friday night.
and i'm a little lonely.
most of my friends are out of town right now. mandi's in europe, melissa in little lake, jen at algonquin. really. it's the way it should be. it's just feels weird. to have this time 'off'. with out 'doing' something.

should i read the rest of harry potter tonight?
i'm afraid to finish it. because then it's over.
or should I organize my bead stash and start getting ready for the junction arts festival?
or. should I grab a movie?
or. i could clean the hosue. then it's done.
the choices i have.
i can have a bath.
walk jack.
all these choices. but it's still kinda lonely.

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