Sunday, June 24, 2007

pride/birthday party goodness

it's sunday morning....and I am just completing a list so i can do a few clean-ups in my life.
I finished the birthday party. that was a great success!! all 6 girls finished their necklaces. It was so cute to see their little concentration and inquisition. I would definatley do it again. I think the worst part of the party, was my anticipation. I figured that they wouldn't be interested and I would have to capture their attention...that wasn't the case at all.
After the birthday party, I booted it home to pick up jack. we then headed out to a bbq in etobicoke. we ended up getting there around 11pm!! we were the late arrivers. but since we were sleeping over for the night, it actually turned out really well. jack had a dog party with his friend toby. then we woke up and they had a big walk over at humber/lakeshore. Jack got to swim and blow off some steam! then we heading downtown for Pride festivities. We basically watched live music outside for the full day. besides standing on my feet all day, i had a great time. I was home by 10pm because i was so tired...i'm apparently not as young as i used to be ;)
I went to bed around 11pm last night and ended up sleeping until 10am!! i haven't slept in that long in ages. it was really great and much needed!!
Today I will spend my day taking items off of the to-do list. It seems to be getting pretty big and extensive. So I will spend the day just pluggin' through them.

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