Thursday, May 10, 2007


yesterday jack got to spend the day at his daycare. which left jeff all alone exploring the house! we came home to a house that was now Jeff's! who knew? So....we let Jack and jeff hang out (and instead of Jeff running to the basement) jeff stayed upstairs and claimed his ground. Infact. jack got a few bites, a few scratches and a few squeeks out of the deal. it's so funny though. Jack FORGETS so quickly...then goes back up to Jeff. who then takes another piece out of jack. Jack goes running...only to go back 10 minutes later. man Jack's recall is as bad as mine! The great news. at one point. jack was sleeping on the couch, while Jeff was sleeping all couzy on the other couch! it was so great. so we have hope yet.
Last night, because the cat and dog were getting along so well and the roomie had company over, I decided to head over to chapters. now. for those of you who don't know. me going into chapters is similar to kids going into a candy store. I just can't get enough of it. i want to explore every section. read every magazine. and purchase every book. being a budget didn't really allow the third desire to come to fruition...but the rest sure did!! I was inspired by all of the beading magazines, then went to the organization section (i know where that section is in almost every Chapters I frequent) went to the computer section, self help, yoga, pet, home, and last but not least, I spent most of my time last night in the business section!( it changes everytime). I did purchase two books! It's a series.
One on organizing my workspace.
one on building my business plan.
Can't wait to digest those books. The first has a quiz...I found out that I am a visual office worker (I need to see files/papers/resources or I forget that they are around or afraid I will loose them...INTERESTING). i will read about how to make the visual thinker more organized....hmm.

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