Saturday, May 05, 2007

fighting like cats and dogs

NOTE: This is NOT a picture of Jeff...although it looks just like him! I will get a picture of him once he is out more...and not under the couch all day!
we have all heard the stories or saying...fighting like cats and dogs. well....they really mean it. jack and jeff. aren't best friends yet. I don't know what i was thinking; when I thought that I would rush home with a cat, jack would rush up to meet him and they would be best friends cuddlying on the couch. I forgot that jack needs to be pushed gently with cats. so.

they have met. jeff (thank god) was in his cage and was really rattled to see jack. although they said that jeff was a wonderer aroudn the pet store...he wasn't so wondering around here with jack!! so. the meeting was drama filled. jack barking. jeff hissing. jack spent the whole day outside while Jeff spent the day exploring his new terrain. Right now I am trying to organize my bedroom (upstairs) and brought Jack in the house. so jeff is in the basement. but....jack is OBSESSED. i have never seen him so obsessed with anything. usually he likes something for a few minutes and then sleeps....not today. jack is obsessively trying to tell me there is someone in the basement. he won't leave the basement door (it's closed...don't worry) Tonight I will bring jack upstairs to my new room. jeff will get full rein of the house. hopefully kill a mouse or two. Then tomorrow. i will work on the re-introduction to each other. in the mean time...this is going to be tricky trickY!! who knew?

this adventure is turning out to be a page turner!! i can't believe how much I am getting done and not getting done all at once!! I didn't expect to have a cat this weekend....although I have talked about it enuff......anyhow. sunday is my 'business' day. so hope to get some beading done. a budget complete and all my coaching questions....

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Kindell & Josh said...

I love their funny human J names... Jack & Jeff