Tuesday, May 01, 2007


so. if anyone thought that i was acting with velocity. you will not recognize me anylonger. I had my first coaching this week!! wow. I have a life coach. and wow. My mind is racing. The first stop, is to organize and move my business forward. I already see my business as limitless and moving forward. And just in one call/session...I am being thrusted forward with no bounds. I have a lot of homework; which excites me to no end. One of which is to establish profitablity, to look at where i will be in 25 years. to get through some of my orders. and then we will start to work on the business plan.
I can't wait for this rollercoaster to start!

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Maria said...

You are on fire my friend...it's great to watch this unfold!!! Woohoo!ML