Friday, March 02, 2007

appreciating the weekend.

sometimes i wonder where my time. days. life. goes. today. I have decided (okay, in the last 15 minutes) that i am going to appreciate and really enjoy what i am doing. NOt that i doing' enjoy what i do all the time...but I don't really appreciatingly ( not a word) enjoy what i am doing. i just plug away. next. next. next. never really appreciating or being present to what i am doing.
it's the weekend. again. and i have been blessed (in a weird way) with two whole days 'unplanned'. I planned to go to brantford this weekend to have dinner with my grandma. but everything changes so rapidly with the family. and becomes unneccessarily complicated. so grandma is going to have dinner (probably at swiss chalet) with the family on her real birthday. and i am here in toronto. with a few days left over. nothing REALLY planned (although we all know that i can fill it up in a heart beat).
my mission this weekend, is to really enjoy and appreciate everything i do.

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