Monday, February 19, 2007


usually when i am super swamped with deadlines or ideas, i find myself un-balanced with those thoughts, deadlines or ideas. however, this weekend. i think i found the balance. what a wonderful weekend.
i spent saturday outside. a few hours at high park. big breakfast. then spent the night playing board games and baby sitting! sunday was spent finishing up some orders. getting product out to all those people who are anticipating their newest jewelry accessories. sunday was very peaceful. even with the extreme amount of product i 'pushed' out the door.
now that my business is registered i have some 'book-keeping' and some paper work to do...which both excites and scares me. I need to make some space for my 'paper work' in the house. hopefully in the next month or so i will have a space that i can create and do paper work in. along with the organization that i need. to be honest, i think its just an excuse to keep me from actually doing the paper work.......

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