Monday, February 05, 2007

count down is on

i spent the weekend very busy! phew. very busy. also very rewarding.
i have been spending lots of time with a few of the pieces for my show on Thursday. so i decided to kick it in high gear and plug away on some of the 'less' time consuming techniques. I probably made 5 necklaces on saturday. and yesterday I made 3 braceletes and 2 necklaces. so i kicked up the inventory a bit. i also managed to organize everything in my craft space. i noticed that the space started creeping every where! i even had some beading supplies on the arm of the couch!! so i contained my 'creative mess' and organized them (somewhat). it's very inspiring to work at an organized table. but i have to admit. i am haivng a hard time finding things. oops.
yesterday i purchased my first ipod. it's funny.i have wanted one for a while. but never really inspired. UNTIL i figured out that i can download audio books onto the ipod! who knew.? while i bead, i can't watch tv, i listen more. so know that i have an audio book. it's much easier! right now i am listening to hannibla rising. i ordered the book from chapters on friday. so it will be here on tuesday. i will have probably listened to the whole thing before it arrives on my door step.
the countdown to the show on thrusday is on! tonight i hope to complete 5 more pieces. then i will just need to do a few more. tag my current pieces. pick up some bags. create an order form for special/customized pieces. get jack into day care.
off to walk my meatball.

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