Wednesday, January 24, 2007

where does the time go?

i can't get over the overwhelming feeling of 'there is so much to do'. You know when you first walk into a new store or discover the greatest neighbourhood ever. and you just want to discover every single corner and check everything out? well. that's me.

work at bacchus. well. since i have started beading and started my own initatives, my life at bacchus has exploded. I keep getting so many ideas. not entirely sure how i can implement all i want too. it's so great.

my business is booming. or at least. I am booming within my business. This week will be the registration of the business. and finishing my business plan. I will also be implementing a new budgeting/accounting system for me and my business. I need to be able to keep my books impeciable for next years taxes.

so. with this amount of creativity booming from my existance. It makes for less time to post on my blog. I will have some new necklace patterns to post shortly!

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