Saturday, December 30, 2006

just a face in the crowd

i remember a few years ago, i worked in the student union at lakehead and worked with the CFS on different issues/campaigns. there was a campaign i worked on at the University of Toronto, down town (st. george campus) and while I was there, i remember wanting to attend U of T as I really yearned to be just a face. I wanted to be a 'no one"....Lakehead is a considerably small campus, about 9,000 students. So once you have been involved for a few years, your face and name becomes pretty out there. I was pretty active in both campus initiatives and community in thunder bay. so when i went out people knew me. everywhere. I can't believe, now, after living in toronto for 2 years, that i wanted to be removed from that small town community living. Now, I yearn for the recognition, the friendly faces every where and the community that i had there.

it's funny how i always want to be where i am not. i guess it's the grass is greener on the other side syndrom. I am grateful that i have had the opportunity to experience both sides of the pasture.

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