Sunday, December 10, 2006

coming together

things seem to be really coming together.

yesterday, saturday, i spent the full day on getting some pieces done. I snuck a few house chores in there, like winterizing the backyard and brushing my dog who seems to be the never-ending fur ball (there are 2 times a year taht I question the fact that I got a huskey/shepard...this time being one of them). I managed to get 4 different and very unique pieces out. sometimes when I am trying to get pieces done, I simply just do similar ones. not yesterday.

today i am starting to bake and get some treats done. Today I am tackling white chocolate & macodamian nut cookies along with chocolate chip cookies. i will make extra because I know that i won't save them ALL for the open house/SLEC Christmas party!!

On another note. Last week, I have returned back to work in the office. It was the first my life....that i haven't been completely work orientated. Before I started beading & cleaning. My life has been work. even when I was working at Lakehead. I thought of work all the time, it was what excited me in my life. I am now noticing a shift. It could also be because work is slower than usual. Needless to say, it's been a shift in my life...and noticeable at that.

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