Saturday, November 04, 2006


today i have been feeling a little overwhelmed with the new business. weekends seem to be taken these days by campaigning and then my off time is devoted to creating my new business. this morning i woke up and was very overwhelmed with what i want to create for myself and my life. i think we all get like this. it just seemed like such a large task.
i pulled my angel card and recieved 'have confidence'. Explains by: THis card is a message from your angels saying taht "you can do it". Trust that you have all the ingredients it takes to complete the mission that's before you. Although you may not completely understand how you'll fulfill this task, have faith that you will be continually guided. The more you depersonalize this mission, the better you will feel. Dont' listen to that voice that asks "who, me?". You are utterly worthy, since you're a perfect daughter from a creator, and the angels will surround you ever step of the way.
made me feel better. Jack and i are off to campaign. I made him a special "elect Frances" t-shirt last night. He is going to be the bell of the ball :) I'll post pictures later.

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Maria said...

Get out of town! That's the card you pulled?! Awesome! Angels rock!