Tuesday, October 17, 2006

this really happened

i was waiting at the subway station this morning with my hands in my pocket. $30 fell out of my pocket. I looked down and this young man (probably a few years younger than me) yelled and pretened that he dropped the money. He then swooped up my money and went to the other side of the station. I gathered enough courage and walked up to him requesting my money back. People all around were shaking their heads. no one said anything. but everyone stared to see what my next move was. So I requested my money back. The young man had then suggested that it was in deed his money that had blown away. I walked away suggesting the karma will infact do justice. I was so upset with that man. he didn't get on the bus that I was waiting for...instead he waited for the next bus. He probably would have felt extremely guilty on the bus with me.
after being upset i realized that it's just $30. it could have been worse right? not too mention karma will really do it's part.
hm. so moral of the story. don't leave money in my pockets.

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Maria said...

Are you kidding me?! Absolutely - I believe in karma - good things happen to good people. Perhaps, in the end he is using that money for good ;-) Glad you are okay though - could have been a different story.